Headshots and Portfolio

Actors, Musicians, Performers and Models
Great photography is an invaluable tool for any actor, model, musician, or performer. Photographers at RaVaj Photography takes pride in providing fresh and exciting images for any need ranging from actors??? headshots, promotional items, model photos, to publicity photos. RaVaj Photography offers a few different photo session options for actors, models, musicians, and other performers. These Sessions are studio only; the location session may be added for an additional $25, or you can request BOTH for an additional $85. The session will be extended 1 additional hour for photo shooting purposes at no additional charge. Studio sessions incorporate studio lighting as well as natural light for a more contemporary look. Hair and make-up can also be scheduled with an experienced stylist upon request and availability. Additional charges may apply. Multiple clothing changes in the studio are advised (avoid patterns and other designs that can be distracting). All photos are color, although you can request Black and White or Sepia tone if you prefer. Additional images can be purchased online at anytime in print and download format.

Offer 1: Headshot Session
1 hour scheduled time
a contact sheets with all images taken
Two 8.5x11) prints
1 proof CD/DVD of all finished images
Two clothing changes
Price: $225

Offer 2: Portfolio Session
2 hours scheduled time
contact sheet of all photos
3 headshots looks
Digital touch ups (to remove scars, blemishes, and acne)
Two 8.5 x11 inch prints ($15 each for extras)
Up to 3 clothing changes
Up to 10 images will be processed
1 proof CD/DVD of all finished images (release required).
Please see promotional item section for additional image options
Price: $600
Please see promotional item section for additional image options
Offer 3: Promotional Poster/CD/DVD Design Sessions:
photo session 1 hour
added imagery digital editing
digital touch up
promotional poster design
1 high resolution 13 x 19 master poster
CD/DVD with master image (Copyright release required)
Price: $450
Please see promotional item print options section for additional printing options

Offer 4: Group Session:
Photo session 1 hour
With up to 6 members
One location (distance will factor into price) or studio session
Digitally edited compose image
Two 8.5x11 prints
Digital touch ups if required
1 proof CD/DVD of all finished images (Copyright release required)
Price: $400

Offer 5: Performance Sessions:
up to 2 hours,
a high resolution CD/DVD of full performance
color and light corrections

Prints and merchandise may be purchased online only. Additional fees for travel will also be added to the price out side of the local area. Entry and all access credentials must me arranged prior to the performance. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of your deposit. For any performance lasting over 2 hours there is a $50 per additional hour charge. *Copyright release required.
Price: $350